Deluxe Pedicures

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Jelly Pedi is a truly unique spa experience developed in Japan. Used by the hottest leading salons and enjoyed by celebrities, it is the latest trend in spa pedicures. The bits of Jelly work as natural exfoliants while the plant oils deeply moisturize your skin. Soak in this gelatinous foot bath as we massage your skin and muscles, stimulating senses that have never been touched before.

*Available in Aloe Vera, Peppermint and Lavender


Relax the body and mind with the proven natural effects of chamomile. Potent herbal remedies soothe stressed skin and achey muscles while antioxidants ease mental anxiety and stress. Enjoy the light, crisp scent of chamomile and indulge yourself in the healing effects of aromatherapy.


A sweet retreat for the feet. Reveal soft, silky skin with natural milk and honey sugar exfoliation. A butter-blend massage will soothe the skin and replenish essential nutrients.


A non-oily, intense hydration treatement from the tropics for silky smooth feet. Tropical papain, the natural enzyme found in papaya, along with guava nectar deliver powerful radiant effects while infusing the skin with maximum hydration.


An exotic beauty secret from the deep blue seas, pearl powder contains over a dozen minerals and 18 different amino acids. Healing, anti-aging, and brightening, this natural moisturizer protects from UV rays and promotes cell renewal for youthful and healthy looking skin.


Soak in the essence and cleansing properties of our fresh Aroma Pedicure. The burst of fragrance will calm the senses while purifying the skin. Essential oils, bath salts and body lotion create an aura of relaxation and nourishment for your feet, and a heated paraffin wax finishes this therapeutic treatment.

*Available in Jasmine or Lavender


The ultimate pedicure to deeply moisturize your feet while boldly stimulating your senses. Pomegranate and fig are the most popular combination in spa treatments for their natural antioxidant properties. Service includes pomegranate and fig natural sea salt crub, pomegranate butter blend, and foot & leg massage.


Be swept away while we rejuvenate your senses with the fragrances of exotic essential oils and soften your feet ith a professional-trength exfoliating lemongrass and lavender sugar scrub. We will follow with a therapeutic moisturizing butter-blend massage to alleviate fatigue from your toes to your knees, allowing you to relax and rejuvenate.

“The technicians at Tiffany's do great work - they always have and continue to do so.”

-Alicia H.